Communities Not Cuts

The working class is facing unprecedented challenges that threaten our livelihood and well being. The Ford Conservatives have made it clear that they are not above attacking workers. The Ontario Federation of Labour has created a Ford tracker that outlines PC actions to date.

CUPE Local 12 attended the CUPE Ontario Regional Leadership Fightback Meeting in July. The goal of the meeting was to create a regional planning strategy to build the resistance to the Ford Government. To quote section 10 of the Action Plan: “We will win this fight by building a resistance that engages our members, local leaders, staff, and elected officers, and prioritize three issues:

  1. Protecting our public services and fighting against cuts and privatization;
  2. Defending our right to free collective bargaining; and
  3. Fighting against white supremacy and the rising tide of hate.

Included in the Action Plan are ways that CUPE Locals can commit to help in this fight. Visit Communities Not Cuts for more information.